Fleet Management Products
  • Schutzbrief for trucks (≥3,5 t) and trailers
  • Service package comfort
  • Service package professional
  • Pay per use

Mobility Products

Breakdown Package
  • Damage management
  • Breakdown management and repair
  • Towing and recovery
  • Vehicle replacement
  • Load trans-shipment

Tyre Package
  • Tyre service
  • Material

Warranty Package
  • New and used vehicle warranty
  • Tyre warranty

Personal Package
  • Home journey
  • Pick-up service

Legal Package
  • Fleet manager
  • Legal service for the driver

Dedicated (co-branded) Programs

B2B Programs for
  • Truck, trailer & component manufacturers
  • Regional dealers for regional market needs
  • Operational leasing companies
  • Rental vehicles companies
  • Fuel card issuers
  • Organizations & institutions

B2C Programs for Heavy Vehicle Users
  • Europe-wide insured programs
  • Europe-wide membership programs

Example National Solution
  • ADAC TruckService Schutzbrief

Co-Branded Solution
  • UTA ADAC TruckService Schutzbrief
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