One Platform – Plenty of Information

All Europe Net Service Providers are connected via the Europe Net Internet Application (ENIA), to streamline efficiency in handling pan-European services. The electronic platform for cross-border co-operation within the service centres contains the following features:

Breakdown Management System (BMS)
A central storage for all information about breakdowns and emergency calls. View any current or past case (back to the year 2000) and stay informed.

Job Handling (Jobs)
In-depth view of breakdown cases – see what service partners, workshops and other parties are involved. The instrument for all Service Partners.

Online Transaction Handling (OTA)
A transaction is not complete until it has been paid for! This service helps to keep track of payments and forwards them to credit / debit card companies.

Knowledge Database (KDB)
Retrieve permanently updated information on vehicles and verify or block fuel cards by various issuers in real time.

Live Breakdown Overview (Ticker)
Similar to a stock ticker, these charts will keep you in the loop about recent breakdown cases and their current status. Know what's going on out there at any time!
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